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Macross F Bluray #1

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Macross F Bluray #1
« on: July 27, 2008, 03:33:55 AM »
Please extend the courtesy of proper citation via linking when you quote or paraphrase this translation.

Got Bluray.  Yay.

All that VF questionaire/video thingy: scanlation: available until 2008.08.31, 24:00 for Macross F #1, and 2008.09.30, 24:00 for Macross Zero.

Macross Goods brochure:

8.20 "Raion", by May'n and Nakajima Megumi.  Contains "Raion" and "nohzankuros" (Northern Cross).  Looks like they're be versions without vocals as well on the disc.

Macross Chronicles ad.

Macross F comic and Novel ad.  THe 2nd manga collection will be released on 8.26.  ?567.

Macross F DVD/Bluray #2 released on 9.25.  95 min (planned).  ?6,300 for the DVD, and ?7,350 for the Bluray.
Also says that there'll be 9 discs in total.  (3 eps per disc, 25 episodes total.  4 eps. per disc, 33 episodes in total.)
(more rerelease info also listed.)

On the reverse:
Macross Ace Frontier: on sale in autumn 2008.

Macross F "gashapon".

"Nyan Kore" - subtitled "nyannyan card collection": on sale about the end of 2008.09.  10 cards per pack, 1 pack costs ?420.

VF-1 "origin of valkyrie" toys? models?.  Hikaru's VF-1J, ?8,190.  Released planned for the end of July.  Roy's VF-1S, ?8,190.  Release planned for the end of July.  (Both of these are pictured in all 3 modes.)  Hikaru's VF-1J Super Packs, ?9,450.  Release planned for end of August.  Max's VF-1A Super Packs, ?9,450.  Release planned for the end of August.  (These last two are only pictured in battroid mode.)

Bandai's 1/72 scale plastic model: VF-25 Messaih.  Fully transformable.  ?4,200.  Release planned for August.

16 Page Booklet that comes with the disc:
Pg 2~5: Macross (Frontier) history.  Basically looks like an expansion of the emmigration fleets expanding from Earth intro seen in the first few episodes.

6 Episode 1 "Yack Deculture Edition"  Brief description (summary??) and Macross check: 1 hand blocking the sun (that M+ scene), 2 "Listen to my song!" (homage to Basara of M7), 3. Gerwalk firing gunpod (same as Eps. 2 of SDF:M).

7 Episode 1 3 versions.  Quickie scanlation: About 3 months before the december broadcast, the preperations of the "Yakku Edition" were completed.  It was too long, and parts were cut out to make the Deculture Edition.  Also talks about the other two versions, and the changes between them.

8 Character art and description: Saotome Aruto

9 Character art and description: Ranka Rii

10 Mechanical art: VF-171 w/ descriptions of battroid, gerwalk, fighter, and the RVF-171 <<<<-*** attention Graham.  (text says that it's a custom based on the VF-171 with a giant radome.  I think it also says that it doesn't have a good fighting ability (presumably compared to the VF-171).

11 AIF-7S Ghost and Extender Case (for the EX-Gear)

12 EX-Gear

13 City 25 based on San Fransisco, Shibuya, Beijing (????.
Etheral Body (???????): in fold space, the Etheral body seperates from the body.
Super High Speed Transport
Linear Catapult: used for launching from the Carriers in space.  Similar to a linear motor.
Hologram System: used by Sheryl in her concerts, etc..

14 Art gallery:
Gas planet - the first places that the Frontier encounters the Vajra
Sheryl Conert Poster - a key visual.

15: Nyannyan Restuarant: Ranka's part time job, etc.
Space port
Tenkuumon Plaza: Sheryl's concert hall.  Has two dragons on top of upside down tendon bowls on the roof.

Of course the text is a bit more than the taste I'm scanlating herein.  There are parts that I skipped over as well (the toys, for example).
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