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Macross Frontier Official Fan Book
« on: March 09, 2009, 02:07:24 AM »
Please extend the courtesy of proper citation via linking when you quote or paraphrase this translation.

Pg 050

Attached to [belonging to, member of] the Frontier Fleet

The main variable fighter/bomber of the New UN Forces.  The fuselage is an improvement of the special duty [forces] VF-17 Nightmare, which played an active part in the 2040s.  A reduction in the cost of production and deployment, which was the fault [weakness, defect] of the VF-17 was realized, and there was a drastic improvement in the flying of the previously hard to handle VF-17.

Picture Captions:
VF-171 Fighter Form
VF-171 Battroid Form

By having solved the problem(s) of the VF-17, it became one of the fuselages [fighters] which spread the most in the 2050s.  But, it has an unfavourable performance, compared to the next main fighter, the VF-25.

VF-171 formation releasing missiles at the Vajra.  However, since the Vajra evolve whenever they receive an attack, the attack of the VF-171 loses it's effect after a short period of time.

(VF-171 Variation)

The fuselage has been strengthened for anti-Vajra fighting.  It is equipped with many anti-Vajra warfare equipment, such as the LAI developed heavy LAI developed heavy beam cannon [gun], strengthened MDE warhead specification missile pods, and so on.  The cockpit has also been modified to correspond to the VF-25 (with the same type of EX Gear).  Aruto and Ruka will also board the VF-171EX.

Picture Captions:
Normal Fighter Fighter (Form)
Normal Fighter Battroid Form

VF-171EX Normal Fighter
The normal machine for general soldiers.  There is a graviton beam cannon [gun] behind the right wing (the right arm in battroid mode), and a missile launcher beheind the left wing (the left arm in battroid mode).  Under the wings, there are also a great number of missiles and missiles pods as standard equipment.  Aruto's subordinates, Jun and Maruyama, board the normal type VF-171EX.

Although the fuselage is a just-in-time custom-made reconstruction, there is a power in it's exclusive armaments developed to repulse the Vajra, and as a result, it's success in battle has gone up greatly.

Picture Captions:
Aruto's Fighter Battroid Form
Aruto's Fighter GERWALK Form
Aruto's Fighter Fighter Form

VF-171EX Aruto's Fighter
Since Aruto is installed as the commander officer of a platoon (small squadron), the fuselage [fighter] he gets is a commander [command] specification.  Armour parts are added to the what becomes the shoulder area in battroid form, as well as leg boosters, and so on.  It is a fuselage [fighter] that has heightened defensive power and mobility, and cuts into [attacks/raids] the enemy.

Picture Captions:
Luka's Fighter Battroid Form
Luka's Fighter GERWALK Form
Luka's Fighter Fighter Form

VF-171EX Luka's Fighter
An RVF specification fuselage [fighter] for searching for the enemy and electronic warfare.  A radome on the back and an undersurface stabilizer type antenna, have produced a form [shape] peculiar to the RVF specification; the same as the RVF-25.  With missiles under the wings, and so on, the armaments are substantially more than those on the RVF-25.

Pg 114

Picture Captions:
Since the cockpit of the VF-171 is different from one equipped for EX Gear, the control levels are attached to the sides of the fuselage, like a conventional machine.

The canopy is the type composed of many transpartent parts.  The rear of the fuselage cannot be seen with the naked eye.

VF-171 Cockpit Relation [relevance, connection]
Although it is the main fighter, it's flown [operated] using the old generation of cockpit.  The structure of the cockpit is completely different from the EX-Gear using VF-25's cockpit.

Picture Captions:
Unnarmed Mode
The normal state without armament.  Missile pods and large (size) firearms are equipped to the underside of the main wing, and the right and left tails.

VF-171 EX Armament and Equipment
Regarding the airframe, to which minor changes have been made to (better) oppose the Vajra, the armaments have also been strengthened for anti-Vajra use.

Picture Captions:
A portable, large firearm.  It has a grip on the side for the left hand, and the trigger is pulled and (the weapon) discharged by the right hand.

MDE Vulcan (gun) & "MED" Particle Anti-Gravity Cannon
The Vajra are crushed with a special warhead that uses the fold ore extracted from the corpse of (other) Vajra.

Armoured Pack Installed Mode
(clockwise from top)
Anti-carrier Large-size Missile
Pursuit Missile
MDE Warhead Micromissile Pod
Normal Machine?Gun
Anti-Vajra MDE Particle Anti-Gravity Cannon
MDE Vulcan

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