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Great Mechanics.DX 7: Frontier Fleet and that Military Vessel
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Please extend the courtesy of proper citation via linking when you quote or paraphrase this translation.

Pg 108-109
Macross F: Frontier Fleet and that Military Vessel
The "Macross Frontier" special feature this time is a close-up on the vessels and the Frontier fleet that have come up in the story.  (We) introduce the hidden (?) in the VF-25 and the love triangle is a detailed setting that does not come out on the surface, combined with an interview with Dr. Chiba, who is in charge of the supervision of the setting.

Variable Attack Space Carrier Macross Quarter

Caption: ARMD-R
The prow is equipped with a Gatling type buster cannon.  With energy also supplied from the center hull, a more and more powerful shot in heavy quantum reaction mode is possible.  Heavy energy conversion armour is used in the warship's bow, and a pin-point barrier can also be expanded to be used at the same time.  At this time, it is also like a sabre-shaped weapon.

Caption: ARMD-L
60 to 80 fighters, bombers and so on, Destroids, etc., can be loaded on board.  When normal, the flight deck forms a 0.5 G gravitational field, and ship-launches like a typical carrier can be carried out.  In addition, since the flight deck has energy conversion armour, in Strong-Attack form, it becomes a shield.

Caption: Front

Caption: Rear

Macross Quarter Main Body
Length: 402 m
Width: 152 m (140 m when in Strong-Attack Form)
Height: 82 m (217 m when in Strong-Attack Form)
Gross weight: 165,000 tons
Gunship (ARMD-R)
Length: about 217 m
Gross weight:  35,000 tons
Gunship (ARMD-L)
Length: about 194 m
Gross weight: 30,000 tons.

Caption: Right Side

Caption: Carrier type

Caption: Left Side

What is the multi-purpose space carrier Macross Quarter of the new epoch?!
It is a multi-purpose space battle carrier that was developed on the concept of "comparatively smaller yet excels in manoeuvrability".  With a high manoeuvrability that far surpasses that of a usual warship with a reaction engine cluster of significant power, it has great firepower due to a buster cannon.  The design was carried out by Macross Frontier's Hashuu Heavy Industries and L.A.I., and it was built in a dock inside the Macross Frontier.
The hull is composed from the center hull, both the port (left) side forward ARMD-L "carrier" and starboard (right) side forward ARMD-R "gunship", and upper left and and right BASTER-L and BASTER-R "mobile (gun) battery (war)ships".  In the three-dimensional operation of these 5 [war]ships and the ship-borne aircraft loaded in the ARMD-L, the Macross Quarter also functions as a small-scale fleet.
Each [war]ship, even when separated, can navigate [cruise] in the void of space, fold, and others, on it's own, as well as such things as navigate [cruise] in the atmosphere and underwater.  Though the ship usually takes the fortress form, due to transformation, it can also operate in the humanoid strong-attack form.  In this case, the central hull becomes the center of the human form, and because the ARMD-R is docked in the right arm part, and the ARMD-L is docked with the left arm part, it is possible to use them as a Gatling type buster cannon and shield, respectively.

Pg 110-111

Variable Stealth Attack Space Carrier Battle Galaxy & Battle Frontier

Caption: Battle Galaxy

Caption: Macross Cannon
Though it is also possible to shoot the gunship when it's on it's own, when it is connected to the Battle Frontier, which has taken the strong-attack form, and it's power, there is a boost in the Macross Cannon's maximum power as well as it's ability to rapid-fire.

Caption: Front

Caption: Rear

Caption: Vessel Form

Caption: Battle Frontier

Length: 1,681 m (in carrier form, not including antenna)
Width: 521 m
Height (Strong-Attack form): 1,186 m
Width: 747 m
Gross Weight: 16,550,000 ton
Main Power: Thermonuclear Reaction Engine Matrix
Main Engine: OTM Macross Heat Pile Cluster System
Military Equipment: Gunship Advanced Type x1, Guided Anti-warship Heavy Beam Cannon Turret x12, Close-range Beam Phalanx, Anti-warship use Reaction Warhead Missile Launcher, Close-defence Use Micro-missile Phalanx.

Caption: Front

Caption: Rear

Caption: Vessel Form

The Combat Centre [backbone] of Emigrant Fleet, as well as an Enlarged Space Carrier
It is a large-scale all-purpose stealth space carrier that can transform into the two forms of fortress type and strong-attack type.  Because the scale of such things as the emigrant fleet and the accompanying naval fleet had grown more than that of the Macross 7 class, and to support it's role as the combat backbone (of the fleet), it has been designed to have enhanced [strengthened] fighting strength as well as command abilities.  For that reason, it's length has been stretched about 200 m more than the Battle 7 class, and it's operational weight has been enlarged to 16, 55 million tons; approximately double.
The Battle Frontier is composed of 6 ships, 2 Stealth Medium-Sized Space Carriers which are both arms in strong-attack form, a Combat Command Carrier "central block", 2 Medium-Sized Assault Battleships which are both leg "engine blocks", and a Heavy Bombardment Warship "Gunship"; each warship, even if separated, can do fold navigation and other things, and have plenty of combat abilities, like a battleship.
Moreover, the Battle Frontier overall can be equipped with about 750 carrier-based aircraft said to be fighters (VF-171 etcetera), bombers and reconnaissance planes.
In the situation where it's transformed from fortress form to the humanoid strong-attack form, it is possible to use all weapons which have been stowed away in weapon bays to increase (the ship's) stealthiness.  In addition, it can operate the gunship in the hand as a Macross Cannon, and it boats of an immense offensive ability.
Though the Battle Frontier and Battle Galaxy are the same type of warship which have a common basic design, such things as the interior, electronic equipment, etc. are drastically [greatly] different.

Pg 112-113
New UN Forces General Naval Vessels


A Space Carrier of the Guantanamo class that is taken as having developed from the ARMD class.  In order to have flight decks on 4 sides, it's cross-section is square.

The Uraga class Space Escort Carrier.  It is a multipurpose carrier that can act [mobilize] in [the void of] space and atmosphere "on the water and in the air".  It was constructed as a superior warship to the Guantanamo class.

Stealth Frigate Space Destroyer
Fleet escort, patrolling and so on are the duties of the Northampton class Space Destroyer.  Even though it's small size has only light armaments, it's mobility and stealthiness excel in the capacity of a naval vessel.

Stealth Cruiser Space Cruiser
It has firepower that has been improved greater than that of the Northampton class Stealth Frigate.  It is the mainline military vessel which is deployed in great number by the New UN Spacy Forces [NUNS].

Warships Belonging to the Galaxy Fleet


A Deneb class Heavy Cruiser that accompanied the Galaxy Fleet.  It is sunk by the Vajra warship.

Darufimu [Dalfim]
A large twin-hull style warship.  After it is salvaged by the Macross Quarter, it had mobilized along with the Macross Frontier fleet.

Pg. 113-116

Dr. Chiba Interview
Thus was born the "Frontier Fleet"

An interview with that familiar Dr. Chiba concerning the Frontier Fleet and it's surrounding setting!  If you look at the DVD again after reading here, you're sure to have still new discoveries!

The scale of Island 1 where one hundred million can live.


The Galaxy Fleet was a society made into that of the electronic brain!?

Why did the fold dislocation appear!?

Culture 01: Island 3

Culture 02: Island 1


Culture 03: Super Long Range Emigrant Fleet


Culture 04: Fold Navigation

Culture 04*: The livelihood and culture of the Zentran

Culture 05: Greatly different societies in each fleet

*Not a typo.  It's how it's written in the magazine.
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