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The following may not be copied without my written permission.  For further information see the Terms of Service.
Please extend the courtesy of proper citation via linking when you quote or paraphrase this translation.

Pg 104-105
Re-investigating the History of the Macross World from "Zero" to "F".

The encountering of unknown things and "advancement to space" are the foundation of [Macross] history.

The chronology of events that occurred in the world of Macross is as shown on the left [translators note: this is referring to the magazine article layout.  Chronology is in the following.]  Speaking in general, it can be said that the history of "Macross" has been made of the repetition of the encountering of alien creatures and immigration between the stars.  In addition, facts such as those that were directly told in moving-picture productions are not recorded in the chronology as events, and Dr. Chiba also talked about the part on the so-called historical society (among them are some considerably shocking  ones?!)  If you read these through, you should be able to enjoy "Macross" more deeply.

If you say that the great event related to "Macross" scheduled in 2009... is the public release of the movie version of "Macross F"!?  Nay, even though that is also large, when all is said and done, it is the "Macross Space Launch Ceremony"!  This year* ought to be commemorated as the year that the Macross began rowing to space!!  ... even though that is, of course, the story of the "history within the production", it is also an unparallelled opportunity.  Let's look back on the history of the "Macross" world again, while also combining an interview with the familiar Dr. Chiba.

*[translator's note: article written and published in 2009]


Date: 20 billion BC period
Main Event: Occurrence of the Big Bang.  This universe and an overlapping sub-universe simultaneously spring forth.

Date: 1 million BC period
Main Event: A spirit energy life-form develops in the sub-universe.  It evolves into intelligent life.

Date: 500,000 BC period
Main Event: the first year of the Protoculture Calendar (P.C.).

Date: 2,600 PC period
Main Event: The mass-production of the giant biological weapon Zentraadi for the purpose of use in combat by the Protoculture begins.

Date: 2,865 PC period
Main Event: The development of the Ebiru [eh-bil] series living body weapons which are stronger than the Zentraadi starts.

Date: 2,870 PC period
Main Event: A Protoculture survey ship stops by the Earth.  The primeval life [protist] of Earth are genetically restructured.  The generation of a sub-Protoculture human race who adjusts to the planetary environment in preparation for future immigration is planned.

Date: 2,871 PC
Main Event: Application test of the trial made bodies of the Ebiru series starts.

Date: 2,872 PC
Main Event: 9 months after the appearance of the Protodevilun, the life of 85% of the Protoculture is lost.

Date: 2,873 PC [497,127 BC]
Main Event: The Protoculture seal the Protodevilun by the efforts of the Anima-spirita, who have the power to suppress the Protodevilun.

Date: 2,875 PC [497,125 BC]
Main Event: Though the Protodevilun are sealed, because of the decrease in the Protoculture population, the Stellar Republic collapses.  The ability to control the Zentraadi is lost, and the Zentraadi start to run wild.

Date: 25,000 PC period [475,000 BC period]
Main Event: The Protoculture are just about annihilated.

Date: 1999.07 AD
Main Event: ASS-1 falls on South Ataria Island.  As a result of the investigation, it is confirmed that it is an alien spaceship.

Date: 1999.12 AD
Main Event: It is confirmed that the alien spaceship is for combat, and that the size of the aliens are about 5 times that of an earthling.

Date:  2000.03 AD
Main Event: Start of the development of battroid and Destroid series anti-alien humanoid weapons by the United Nations.

Date: 2000.12 AD
Main Event: The idea [ideology] of the Unified Government is announced by the United Nations.  Hereafter, the United Nations is considered to be the provisional Unified Government.
The No.1 craft of the first anti-alien humanoid weapon Destroid is completed.

Date: 2001.01 AD
Main Event: Anti-Unification Alliance is established by uniting the groups that oppose the Unified Government idea.

Date: 2001.02 AD
Main Event: The Earth Unified Government is officially started, and the Earth Unified Forces are established.  The plan to use the ASS-1 as a battleship of the Earth Unified Forces commences.  Hereafter, it is referred to as the SDF-1.

Date: 2001.05 AD
Main Event: Disputes intensify in many parts of the world.  They expand into the later Unification War.

Date: 2001.08 AD
Main Event: The Destroids are put into their first actual combat, and is used against Earthlings.

Date: 2001.10 AD
Main Event: The development of an Earth-made large-scale reaction engine succeeds.

Date: 2002.02 AD
Main Event: The VF-0 plan starts when a tentative anti-giant use, all-environment friendly, variable fighter is presented.

Date: 2002.02 AD
Main Event: Mass production of the Ghost 2200 Unmanned Fighter commences.

Date: 2003.03 AD
Main Event: Unified Space Force (= UN Spacy) is established.

Date: 2004.12 AD
Main Event: the No. 1 craft of the variable fighter VF-0 is completed.

Date: 2006.12 AD
Main Event:  New armaments are successively thrown [into combat] by the Unified Forces and Anti-Unification Alliance, and combat intensifies.
Related Production: Macross Zero [grey]

Date: 2008.02 AD
Main Event: An alien foreign body is discovered and recovered from the bottom of the coastal waters of Mayan Island.
Related Production: Macross Zero [grey]

Date: 2008.07 AD
Main Event:A battle between the Unified Forces carrier Asuka and an Anti-Unification Alliance force breaks out in the vicinity of Mayan Island.
Related Production: Macross Zero [grey]

Date: 2008.09 AD
Main Event: On and after the Birdman incident, the participating nations in the Anti-Unification Alliance successively declare their withdrawal from the alliance.

Date: 2008.11 AD
Main Event: The No. 1 craft of the mass produced variable fighter VF-1 series is rolled out.

Date: 2008.12 AD
Main Event: The Unification War is concluded, and the Unified Government is formally established.

Date: 2008.12 AD
Main Event: The space carriers ARMD 1 and ARMD 2 are commissioned.

Date: 2009.01 AD
Main Event: The space warship SDF-1 is named Macross.

Date: 2009.02 AD
Main Event: The SDF-1 Macross Space Launch Ceremony.
Main Event: Buritai's warship of the Zentraadi forces appears in the solar system.
Main Event: The outbreak of Space War 1 between the Earthlings and the Zentraadi forces.
Related Production: SDF Macross, DYRL [purple]

Date: 2009.11 AD
Main Event: 4 crew members of the Macross, Hayase Misa, Ichijo Hikaru, Maximillian Jiinasu and Kakizaki Hayao, are taken prisoner by the Zentraadi; and the first contact between Earthlings and the Zentraadi race happens.
Main Event: the debut of the singer Lynn Minmei.
Main Event: Macross returns to Earth.
Related Production: SDF Macross, DYRL [purple]

Date: 2010.01 AD
Main Event: The interstellar marriage of Maximillian Jiinasu and the Merutorandi Miria is held.
Related Production: SDF Macross, DYRL [purple]

Date: 2010.02 AD
Main Event: A peace agreement is concluded by the Macross and the Buritai fleet.
Main Event: The Macross and Buritai fleet line up [against] the Boruzaa flagship.  The Earth Unified Forces and the Buritai allied forces triumph in the Lynn Minmei operation; also the Earth enters into a state of being almost annihilated.
Related Production: SDF Macross, DYRL [purple]

Date: 2010.03 AD
Main Event: Conclusion of Space War I.
Related Production: SDF Macross, DYRL [purple]

Date: 2010.04 AD
Main Event: Establishment of the new Unified Government.  Coexistence with the Zentraadi starts, and the micronization of Zentraadi interested in being micronized begins.
Related Production: SDF Macross {blue}

Date: 2010.05 AD
Main Event: The Earth Ecosystem Restoration Project starts, and the Macross City reconstruction Project begins.
Related Production: SDF Macross {blue}

Date: 2011.03 AD
Main Event: The first interstellar child of mix blood is born to the married couple, Maximilian and Miria.
Related Production: SDF Macross {blue}

Date: 2011.09 AD
Main Event: The Mankind Migration Project is planned.
Related Production: SDF Macross {blue}

Date: 2012.08 AD
Main Event: The Lynn Minmei Sayonara Summer Concert is held.
Related Production: SDF Macross  {green}

Date: 2012.09
Main Event: The First Super Long Distance Emigration Fleet Megaroad 01 departs.  Hereafter, 1 to 2 emigration ships are built per year.
Related Production: SDF Macross  {green}

Date: 2013.04 AD
Main Event: Short Distance Emigration Fleets start departing.
Main Event: A planet where it is possible for emigrants to live is discovered in the Groomsbridge star system, 11/7 light years from the Solar System, and is christened Eden.  Immigration [to the planet] starts.
Related Production: SDF Macross  {green}

Date: 2025 AD
Main Event: Megaroad 13 discovers a planet where it is possible for emigrants to live near the center of the galaxy.  It is named Baroota [Varuta] Star System, and immigration begins.
Related Production: SDF Macross  {green}

Date: 2031.02 AD
Main Event: The movie "Do you remember love?", which depicts the former Bodoruzaa War and Minmei's love, is publicly released.

Date: 2038 AD
Main Event: The 37th Super Long Distance Emigration Fleet departs with the 7th New Macross class warship used as it's nucleus.  Maximilian Jiinasu serves as the captain.  Ekisedoru rides together as an observer.

Date: 2040 AD
Main Event: The competition between the YF-19 and YF-21, the candidates for the next version of the mainline variable fighter, is carried out at Planet Eden's New Edward's Flight Centre.
Main Event: Virtual singer Sharon Apple runs wild.  The Sharon Apple incident occurs.
Related Production: Macross Plus [orange]

Date: 2041 AD
Main Event: The VF-19 is formally adopted as the next version of the mainline Variable Fighter.

Date:  2042.04 AD
Main Event: In an election within the Macross 7 Emigration Fleet, Miria is elected as mayor of City 7.

Date: 2042.12 AD
Main Event: The VF-22S is formally adopted as a special operations craft.

Date: 2043
Main Event: The Baroota Investigation Fleet discovers an enigmatic energy field in the midst of their investigation of a planet of ice.  Iwaano [Ivano] Gunther, who had taken command of investigation force, is possessed by a Protodevilun.
Related Production: Macross 7 {red}

Date: 2045.03 AD
Main Event: The Macross 7 emigration fleet encounters the Baroota Forces.
Main Event: Nekki Basara of the rock band "Fire Bomber" intervenes in the combat between the Unified Forces and Baroota Forces.
Related Production: Macross 7 {red}

Date: 2045.07 AD
Main Event: The Protodevilun Sybil is awoken.
Main Event: The fact that Nekki Basara's song when directed toward Sybil causes some kind of effect is observed.
Related Production: Macross 7 {red}

Date: 2045.09 AD
Main Event: The Variable Fighter unit Sound Force is formed because of Fire Bomber.
Related Production: Macross 7 {red}

Date: 2045.12 AD
Main Event: It is confirmed that the Protodevilun are a product of the Protoculture.
Related Production: Macross 7 {red}

Date: 2046.02 AD
Main Event: The Protodevilun's Zomudo [Zomdo] and Goramu [Goram] are awoken.
Main Event: Nekki Basara, who had temporarily fallen into a critical condition, is restored by the power of song.
Main Event: Conclusion of the war vs. the Protodevilun.
Related Production: Macross 7 {red}

Date: 2047 AD
Main Event: Nekki Basara leaves on a solitary journey of interstellar wandering.  He succeeds in a session with the Galactic Whales at Planet Zola.
Related Production: Macross Dynamite 7 [deep red]

Date: 2059 AD
Main Event: In the midst of sailing in the direction [area] of the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Macross Frontier fleet is attacked by the enigmatic Vajra, which are organisms from someplace other than Earth.
Related Production: Macross F [pink]

Caption: What is the Macross Chronology!?
The basic idea of the Macross chronology is the stance "the chronology itself is fiction that's based on reality".  In other words, judge the chronology as a fiction, as even though there are historical facts that are likely to have occurred in the Macross World, those historical facts are not written as they really happened.  Even though it is somewhat confusing, it might be easy to understand if you thought that things like the colour and stance on appearance of the world differ in each production, and each production is different at the same level of fact, even though it is all the same appearance.
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The following may not be copied without my written permission.  For further information see the Terms of Service.
Please extend the courtesy of proper citation via linking when you quote or paraphrase this translation.

Pg 106

Scene 1: the era from "Macross Zero" to "Macross"
The era from "Macross Zero" to "Macross" is the discovery of proof "the human race is not alone in the universe"... that was the omen of the unprecedented crisis that was to later visit.  One is able to say that in this era mankind turned toward and flew away to space, even though there was an interstellar war and reconciliation with aliens who are proud of their overwhelming tendency, and thus the restoration of the ravages of war.

ASS-1 and OTM
In the production in 1999, the alien spaceship later named "ASS-1" fell from "combat".  This was the one that showed the human race that in space there are aliens who have advanced technology "OTM, Over-technology of Macross" and are conducting a large-scale war.  Henceforth, the human race starts the effort to establish the Unified Government while doing things like analyzing the ASS-1 and taking the advanced technology as our own.

[The ASS-1] fell to Ataria Island which is "considered to be" on the South Pacific.

In 2059: Even though reaction warheads were mankind's "trump card" after Space War I, they were ineffective in the anti Vajra war because the Vajra possess resistance to them.

Encounter with the Birdman
One of the inheritances of the Protoculture that was asleep on Mayan Island.  It's true colours are that it is a device that was arranged to destroy the living creatures that had resulted from the gene manipulation the Protocultures had performed on an indigenous species of Earth (= Earthlings), if they had become a belligerent life form.  Even though a reaction warhead was fired at it in the production, it bundled the explosion in a barrier and stopped damage from occurring outside the barrier, and then it went away to space.

Caption: The Birdman was revived by in response to sadness and anger of Sara Nome, who guides the wind.

In 2059: The Vajra queen, whom the Protoculture held in awe, is the model of the Birdman's appearance.  The appearance of the "real thing" is depicted in "Macross F".

Unified Forces and the Unification War
The reality that things like we are not alone in the universe as in the distance aliens with high technology exist, and those aliens are carrying out a large-scale war, shocked the human race.  The Earth Unified Government is established due to the idea that the Earth should band together and work for a common cause when thinking about the worst case scenario.  However, a resistance organization, referred to as the Anti-Unification Alliance, concerning the advantages and disadvantages due to things like interests concerning OT (Overtechnology) and the reorganization of countries and military preparations, is born; and the fighting is expanded to the outbreak of the Unification War.

Caption: The fighting kept intensifying because of the support of anti-Unification countries.

Combat also took place between fellow VFs that were essentially expected to be for anti-alien use.

Pg 107

War and Reconciliation with the Zentraadi
After the end of the Unification War, the SDF-1 was rushed into a state of war because Zentraadi warships attacked it during it's appearance in the Space Launch Ceremony.  Even though the combat with the Zentraadi was carried to the harsh extreme, mankind was victorious as it borrowed the power of "song" and destroyed Bodoruza's main fleet.  In addition, the Buritai fleet, who were acquainted with culture and were bound in peace with the Earthling "Macross", also made a large contribution to this victory.

Caption: The mighty Zentraadi Forces are a force without comparison.

In 2059: Captivated by culture, the Zentraadi who were bound in peace, were finally able to acquire their own culture.  There are also Zentraadi who have become singers.

Development of VFs and Destroids
Though there are many fruits of OTM, the development of VFs (Variable Fighters) and Destroids are only 1 representative of the fruits.  These are 10 m height humanoid weapons that were designed for presumed communication (including combat) with aliens.  Besides using thermonuclear jet engines (the VF-0 is equipped with existing jet engines) as the engine, they employ such things as laser armaments and energy conversion armour.

Caption: Even though they are essentially for anti-alien use, at the time of the Unification War, the prototypes were already built and they were used as weapons accompanying mankind.

Caption: In 2059:  Even though a successor craft for the VF was substituted into place as the era passed, the use of Destroids also continued due to their improvement.

Pg 108

Regeneration of the Earth
Even though it is the human race who barely won Interstellar War I, the surface of the Earth was burnt to nothing by the simultaneous bombardment by the Bodoruzaa Main Fleet just before the conclusion of the war.  One theory is that about 90% of the living things on Earth, including the human race, are considered to have been lost.  For the recovery from the terrible scene [of the Earth] after the war, there was cloning of the surviving members of the human race, and restoration operations of the flora and fauna was carried out, and the ecosystem recovered.  Even though this cloning was carried out around 2010, it was later abolished due to such things as the increase in hereditary diseases and the decrease of it's necessity.

Caption: There is also the possibility of doing one individual in the cloning by 100, for the rehabilitation of the Earth , where the tempest had done it's work.

A 30 year Blank Space!"
Concerning 2010 to 2040 in the chronology, it's a period that's almost a blank space in the the moving-picture productions [of Macross].  It is the period treated as when the Earth aims at reconstruction, and it is the epoch when the Megaroad Fleets depart in great number.  The human race bears the sense of impending crisis that wasn't in the eras up until this one, and it is thought to be a society that has a feeling of tension [nervousness].

Caption: It is the time when the human race begins to advance to various places of the galaxy.  It is a period where various dramas can be guessed at.

The Coming of the Era of Great Emigration
Though it is the human race who by cloning and an improvement in the environment carried out a tentative reconstruction, it is not understood when they will undergo an invasion by aliens.  Therefore, for the preservation of the seed and propagation of culture, the Mankind Seeding Project, by means of emigrant ships, is planned.  The SDF-2 Megaroad, constructed referencing the SDF-1, departs with a group of Super Long Range Emigrants as one of those emigrant ships, and takes an escort fleet along with it toward various places such as the core and every quarter of the galaxy.  Hence 2012's Megaroad-01 until approximately 2030, emigrant fleets are sent off a number of times every year.

Other than the SDF-2 Megaroad, which improved on the SDF-1, the SDF-1 is mass-produced and dispatched for peripheral investigations.

Caption: It seems that the crew of the Macross, who survived Interstellar War 1, were expected to have that ability [to emigrate], and were cloned and placed in important positions in the emigration fleets.

Pg 109

Scene 2: the era from "Macross Plus" to "Macross F"
In the era from "Macross Plus" to "Macross F", the 1st Interstellar War has also become "once upon a time".  Mankind carried out the reconstruction of the Earth and discovered an emigrant planet called the second Earth. Furthermore, mankind set-out on genuine large-scale space emigration.  However, that hid the likelihood of encounters with new threats.  The history of emigration and encountering alien creatures becomes the axis of this era.

Discovery of Emigrant Planets
About 1 year after the start of the dispatching of emigrant fleets, a planet where man can reside was discovered.  It was named Eden and a lot of the human race began migrating to the star [system].  Thereafter, several planets, such as Zola and Rakusu, etc., where the human race can reside, are discovered and emigrated to.

Later, Eden accomplished the development of the building of military instillations and bearing the burden of being a departure point of emigrant fleets.

Caption: In 2059:  Though the planet Gaul 4, where a Zentraadi Marine Corps are stationed, appears [in Macross F], it was partially destroyed by Grace's fold bomb.

Encounter with the Protodevilun

The Protodevilun, who were sealed in the fourth planet of the Baroota system, are living weapons produced by the Protoculture.  Even though the Macross 7 Fleet entered into a state of war with the revived Protodeviluns, at long last, the Protodevilun lost their reason to to fight as they evolved into a self-regenerating race, and the fighting ended when they left the galaxy.  

Caption: In battle, the songs of Nekki Basara, who is an Anima-Spiritia, became the key to the conflict.

The Zentraadi who have Leaped Ahead
After the conclusion of the First Interstellar War, amongst the Zentraadi who had been attempting to harmonize with Earth cultural "civilization" by micronization and the like, are those who, displaying wisdom, penetrate into the center of government and the economy.  The prominence of the General Galaxy company is a representative example.  The technology of the Zentraadi system is used by General Galaxy, and they display brilliant leaps ahead with such things as the design of the YF-21, which is equipped with the innovative BDI System.

Caption: The YF-21, whose design was carried out by Zentraadi engineers.

Caption: In 2059: The owner of the Frontier Fleet's private military company S.M.S., Richard Biruraa, whom is a Zentraadi.  He has connections with such people as high officials and the president.

Pg 110

Emigrant Fleets That Advanced Into Larger Scales
Emigrant Ships with a population scale approximately in the tens of thousands in the Megaroad class age, had hugely changed into the New Macross class's population scale of up to one million when the 2030's began.  In addition, in the 2050's, in the 5th generation type Island Cluster class that the Emigrant Ships had become, the population grew to the ten million person class in the great number of accompanying warships, such as Environment and Industrial ones, in addition to the main ship, with it's overall length of about 16 km.  With such a large scale, it became possible to maintain an independent biological system.  With that, the stance on Emigrant Fleets changed from "travelling in search of an emigrant star" to "if there isn't a very suitable planet, we won't emigrate and we'll keep sailing as a fleet."  Thus said, the sailing is permanent.  However, the situation of an emigrant ship continuing to willingly continue to sail favourably to the bitter end isn't possible, as ship functions are damaged by such things as combat with a foreign enemy, and so on.

Caption: The total length of the New Macross class is about 7.7 km.  The population that the mother ship has is about 300,000 people.

Caption: In 2059:  The scale of the 5th generation type of Emigrant Ship is of a level that can be called a country rather than a city.  For that reason, in each fleet just like in the Frontier and the Galaxy Fleets, the way that the environment is maintained and society (the political and economic systems) differ, and originality is empowered.

Pg 111

Encounter With the Vajra
The Vajra are creatures that existed before the history of the Protoculture.  The Vajra are an "individual" composed of one network of aggregate individual bodies that look like huge insects.  The Protoculture developed a material that mimics the fold quartz that the Vajra produce.  As a result, the Protoculture develop a fold engine and so on, and were able to develop a space civilization.

Caption: Though the Vajra they fought against the fleet due to Grace's stratagem, at the end of the fighting the Vajra "[comprehended" the human race.

Caption: The Vajra recognized Ranka, who emits Fold Waves, as a colleague [comrade, companion].

The Arrival of a New Age of Space Folds
A limitation existed in the Protoculture designed fold navigation caused by a barrier called a Fold Dislocation.  However, the new type of fold engine that the Frontier Fleet's corporation, L.A.I. Co., developed solves the problem of what is said to be such things as fold dislocations and the slippage in the flow of time caused by folds.  As a result, it is thought that there's the possibility that from now on, the area of the human race's activities will spread more and more.

Caption: Are we near the day that the human race exceeds the Protoculture's fold abilities?!

The New Unified Forces and S.M.S.
The New Unified Forces that accompanies fleets exists semi-independently from the headquarters on Earth.  A private military company like S.M.S. is very likely to operated in other fleets as duties that are difficult for the forces to dealt with can be accomplished with the latest equipment of the private military companies.

Caption: Even though the scale of the New Unified Forces is large, even as the regular army, it yields to S.M.S in regards to such things as equipment and degree of training.

Caption: By means of an elite few, S.M.S. can possess a powerful force with few costs.

Localized VFs
As the scale of the fleets grew, it became possible to retain advanced industrial facilities.  Each fleet came to develop original VFs based on foundation data on Variable Fighters due to such things as it had become possible to retain advanced industrial facilities as the scale of the fleets grew, the physical distance that separates Earth with the fleets and the different circumstances in each fleet.  Besides VFs, the Frontier Fleet also designed the Macross Quarter.

Caption: If the pilot of the VF-27 hasn't been converted into a cyborg, it's abilities cannot be pulled out.

Caption: The high-performance craft, the VF-25, which has had mechanisms included in it, such as the hitherto nonexistent EX-Gear and so on.
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Titles of the sections of the interview with Chiba-san along the bottom:

Pg 106-107: Perusing the history of the structure of society that's in the foundation of the series

Pg 107-110: What is the relation between the Earthlings and Zentrans in the society!?

Pg 110-111: The story of "Frontier" was an in incident of the countryside [rural areas]!?

Closing Tag-line: And then, "Macross" to a new frontier!  [Pun by the author?]
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Completed the parts that I want to translate (later 1/3 of 2nd post.)  Also edited in the subsection titles of the Chiba-san interview (3rd post).