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Great Mechanics.DX 16
« on: March 19, 2011, 12:34:35 PM »
The following may not be copied without my written permission.  For further information see the Terms of Service.
Please extend the courtesy of proper citation via linking when you quote or paraphrase this translation.

Pg 98

What is the YF-29 Durendal's power!?

Pg 99

Pg 100

Length (fighter): 18.73 m
Width (fighter): 14.15 m (when main wings are expanded)
Empty Weight: 11,920 kg (not including outer-space equipment)
Airframe Maximum Design Load: 32.5 G
Engine: Shinsei / P&W / Royce FF-3001/FC1 Stage II Thermonuclear Reaction Turbine x2 (2,105 kN output), Shinsei / L.A.I / Royce FF-3001/FC1 Stage II Thermonuclear Reaction Turbine Ramjet x2 (1,470 kN output)
Maximum Speed: Mach 5.5+ (at 10,000 m due to the heat-resisting boundary speed, able to accelerate to Mach 10 or higher for short periods)
Armaments: Heavy Quantum Beam Gun Pod, 25 mm machine guns, micro-missile launchers (able to have MDE warheads), Fold-wave Projector System

Pg 101

Pg 102

Pg 103


Pg 99
Fold quartz - 1,000 carats

4 engines: main engines are 2,105 kN.  Wing engines are 1,470 kN.  Possible to rotate the wing engines.

Fold Wave projectors

Only one experimental/testing craft exists.

Pg 103

Image of VF-27 with 3 Ghosts.  VF-27 has Super Parts.  Caption mentions that when the VF-27 is equipped with option parts, it has abilities close to that of a YF-29 not when it's not using overdrive.

Pg 104
YF-29 Super Pack

wing tip pods are both fold-wave projectors and micro-missile pods.

two supplemental chemical rocket boosters.  Can be purged after fuel exhausted.